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Family isn't about whose blood you have. It's about who you care about. -Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park

My Family
by Molly Walker

My dad's name is Matt Parkman, and he's my hero. The Boogeyman came to my house in California and killed my birth mom and dad. Matt was the policeman who came to my house and found me in my hiding place under the stairs. Later he kept the Boogeyman from trying to take me away and he promised that he wouldn't let anything happen to me. So he adopted me and we moved to New York City.

The people that Matt works with are like my family, too. Dad's partner is Detective Flack, and he's pretty cool. He doesn't mind it if I sit at Matt's desk in the bullpen and color or work on my homework, and sometimes gets me snacks from the vending machine. Flack can speak Irish, and he taught me a little bit of it. When Matt finally made detective Flack took us out for pizza to celebrate.

Most of the rest of my family works in the crime lab at the police department. Stella's like my aunt, and she's real nice. If Matt has to work and Stella has the day off, she lets me come hang out at her apartment. Stella knows how to speak Greek and Italian and she taught me some Italian words. I want to learn Greek, but Stella thinks I should wait until I can speak Italian a little better because Greek is really hard.

Adam works as a tech in the lab. He's really cool and really funny. I guess he's like my big brother, because he likes to tease me and call me "Little Sister". He's really good at video games, and even had to play a computer game to help find a suspect during a case once! Adam promised to get me a video game system for my birthday even though Matt's against it.

Uncle Sid works down in the morgue. He's not my real uncle, but he likes it when I call him "Uncle Sid". So that's what I call him. I don't get to see him a lot, because he spends a lot of his time in the morgue and Matt won't let me go down there. He says I don't need to see any dead people. But sometimes I'll see him if he comes up from the morgue and he'll stop to talk with me a little bit. And Matt and I go over to his house for dinner every week; Uncle Sid used to be a chef before he worked in the morgue, and he's really good.

Sheldon used to work in the morgue with Uncle Sid, but he decided he liked being a CSI better so he changed jobs. He's really smart, and always helps me with my homework if I'm stuck.

Danny's pretty cool, like Adam. He always calls me "Moll". Danny likes to joke around a lot, especially with Adam or Flack, and sometimes with me. His favorite sport is baseball, and Danny told me that one day he's going to take me to a Yankees game. Lindsay works in the lab and is Danny's girlfriend and she's like my big sister. Danny calls her "Montana", because she used to live there. Lindsay and I go out for "coffee breaks" together. She gets coffee and I get hot chocolate.

And then there's Mac. He's the boss of the crime lab. He acts gruff and stern sometimes, but he's really a pretty nice guy. I like to talk to him sometimes, when I'm missing my birth mom and dad. Mac's wife Clare died in 9/11 so he knows what it's like to lose somebody important.

So, that's my family. I wasn't born related to them, but they care about me like I was. And that's all that matters.
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05. And when at last I find you/Your song will fill the air
Sing it loud so I can hear you/Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me/Oh, you know, I will
I will.

[I Will – The Beatles]

It was hard, talking to Swati about what was happening in America to her foster fathers and to other people like them who were "special". Not only because of how it made Molly feel every time she thought about it but because Swati didn't believe her at first. No one from the government had come after the girls, or Sanjyong, or anyone else in India who may have had abilities. Not like they had in Japan or London. She wasn't sure why. Maybe Nathan Petrelli didn't have the same arrangement with India's government that he had with other places. Or maybe he just didn't think that Molly was a big enough threat to chase after. But for whatever reason, it made Molly relieved. She and her friends in India were safe, for the time being at least.

At the same time, she also felt guilty. She and her friends in India were safe, while Micah, Matt, Mohinder and others like them in America and other places around the world were not.

Finally Molly was able to convince Swati of the gravity of what was going on. Then came the next hurdle: convincing Swati to join Rebel and their cause. It was the perfect plan - Molly could use her powers to find people that Petrelli was hunting, and Swati could use her ability to get them to a safe place instantly. But planning and execution were two different things, and Molly couldn't blame Swati for being reluctant. After all, they would be risking capture by the agents themselves.

Eventually Swati agreed to help Molly and Rebel. Molly was so excited, she couldn't wait to e-mail Micah to let him know that Rebel had one more team members. So instead, using a combination of her clairvoyance and Swati's "opening", she decided to give him the good news in person.

Molly had to admit, seeing the expression on Micah's face when she and Swati had walked into the base headquarters for "Rebel" was priceless.

Muse: Molly Walker
Word count: 332
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That was easier than I thought.
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Do one thing every day that scares you. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Her name was Swati Rangarajan.

Molly wasn't that great at meeting new people. At her school in New York it had taken her a couple weeks to finally talk to some of her fellow classmates, and that was only when she let herself be drawn into their conversations. School in Madras had been harder; there were a lot of questions about her relation to Mrs. Suresh and why she was living in India rather than the United States.

... )
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13. Every couple nights or so y'know/You pop into my dreams/I just can't get rid of you
Like you got rid of me/Oh but I send my best/Cause God knows you've seen my worst

[‘Fair’ – Ben Folds Five]

"Do you have a crush on me, or are you just bored?"

The boy with the soccer ball seems more taken aback by the question itself than the fact that Molly is speaking to him. But he recovers quickly, the serene 'I know something you don't' expression slipping back into place. "You know that's not why I'm here."

Molly sighs in aggravation. "Then why are you here?" Instead of answering directly, the boy looks down the hallway to where her classmate is standing. "Her?"

He nods. "You know what you have to do. She needs someone who understands."

"Well, why can't you talk to her?" His only response is that same enigmatic smile. "It's not exactly a cakewalk, you know. How am I supposed to start the conversation - 'Hi, my name is Molly and I think you have a power like I do'?"

The boy merely smiles. "You'll know how to begin when the time comes. Just trust yourself."

His final words, "trust yourself" are still ringing in Molly's head when she wakes up from the dream. She realizes how right he is. This is something she can't put off any longer.

Muse: Molly Walker
Word count: 193
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19. Please speak softly, for they will hear us/And they'll find out why we don't trust them
Speak up dear cause I cannot hear you/I need to know why we don't trust them

[‘Conspiracy’ - Paramore]

OOC: [warning: this post contains spoilers from episode 3.20 Cold Snap, as well as unconfirmed canon theories about Molly Walker]

It had seemed like a good idea at the time.

Mohinder and Matt didn't know, but Molly had been e-mailing back and forth with Micah Sanders since she had moved to Chennai. At first it had just been a way to alleviate the boredom and loneliness she felt at being a foreign girl in a strange and unfamiliar country, as well as being a sympathetic ear for Micah who had recently become an orphan himself. Later in life, Molly would credit those conversations as one of the only reasons she stayed sane during her time in India.

But then Micah began to talk about other things, about a government plan to capture people with powers, round them up like cattle. He told her about both Matt and Mohinder being captured. And together, they came up with a plan. Molly would use her powers to track down evolved humans, and with his powers Micah could set up a network to help them assume new identities.

They called it "Rebel".

And, for a while, it worked. From two different continents they were able to save many of their fellow specials from the clutches of Nathan Petrelli's hunters. It made Molly feel a bit better about her current situation. When she and Matt and Mohinder were finally reunited, she couldn't wait to tell them about the part she had played.

Then Micah started to branch out, attempting to rescue evolved humans that had already been captured. He started with Tracy. Molly played her usual role, locating Tracy and giving her location to Micah before wishing him luck. Then came the hard part, going about her daily routine while waiting for word from Micah that he had succeeded, or worse, failed.

Unfortunately it's failure that Molly finds herself reading about, hours later. About how Tracy was used as bait in a trap for Rebel; he'd been expecting a trap, but never thought Tracy would be part of it. Of how she helped him escape, sacrificing herself to keep him from being captured.

Micah assures Molly that neither Danko or his men know that Micah Sanders and Rebel are one and the same. But that doesn't make her feel much better. She tells him so in her e-mail, telling Micah that next time he might not be so lucky. She almost suggests that they quit, at least temporarily, until the heat is off.

But she thinks of Mohinder, of Matt, still fugitives. She thinks of the other evolved humans who are still out there, in hiding. She thinks of the girl at school she's dreamed about.

If there's no Rebel, who will help them?

Muse: Molly Walker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 439
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12. Won't you take me by the hand/take me somewhere new
I don’t know who you are/but I... I'm with you

[‘I’m With You’ – Avril Lavigne]

Molly's been having odd dreams lately.

They're not bad ones, like the nightmares she had of Sylar after her parents died or the ones of Maury Parkman watching her. And they're not like the dreams she has sometimes of her, Mohinder and Matt living together in India like the family she wishes they still were. They're just...different.

There's a girl in them, around her age or maybe younger. Molly recognizes her as a student at the school she attends in Chennai but doesn't know her name. She sees her standing in the hallway at school, staring at Molly; there are other students around them but they're all blurred, like they don't matter. No words are spoken in the dream. No monsters or roaches come suddenly popping out of the classroom doors threatening to devour her or the other girl. It's just Molly and the girl, staring at each other.

Somehow Molly knows this girl is special, like her. It's almost like how she knows where Matt and Mohinder are whenever she tries looking for them. This unknown girl has a power, but just like her name Molly doesn't know what it is. And every time Molly wakes up knowing that she has to find this girl and let her know that she isn't alone. Someone needs to tell her that it's okay to be special.

And, for some reason, Molly feels she is that person.

Muse; Molly Walker
Word count: 235
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01. My hope is on the horizon.//Every face, it's your eyes I can see.
I plead, I pray through each night and day,//Our embrace is only a dream.

[‘This Lullaby’ – Queens of the Stone Age]

It's been the one thing that's kept her optimistic her whole time spent in Chennai - Mohinder's promise at the airport that he would join her soon.

Every night, before she goes to sleep, Molly looks for Mohinder and for Matt, to see if they are any closer to India. But every time her internal map shows that they are still in the United States, still in New York and with no plans to reunite their little family.

Why? Why aren't they coming? Don't they realize how much Molly misses them? How much she needs them? Mrs. Suresh is really nice, like the grandmother that Molly had never known. She bought Molly her first sari, tells her stories about Mohinder when he was a little boy and sings the same lullabies that Mohinder sang when Molly woke up from dreaming about the Nightmare Man.

But she isn't Matt, who picked her up from school everyday and who shared pizza with her when his attempts at cooking didn't turn out the way he'd hoped. She isn't Mohinder, who filled the apartment with the smell of Indian cooking and at the airport promised that they'd be together again, as soon as he had helped Maya.

So every night, Molly looks for her two fathers and waits for the day that they'll be a family again.

Muse: Molly Walker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 223
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20. The great big city's a wonderous toy // just made for a girl and boy
(Ella Fitzgerald – ‘Manhattan’)

Even though she lived in Los Angeles for longer, when Molly thinks of her hometown it's New York City she remembers and not L.A.

She remembers Mohinder taking her sightseeing while Matt was recuperating in the hospital, visiting places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or taking the Circle Line tour. He said it was because Mr. Thompson never gave her a proper introduction to the city after bringing her there from California.

Christmas was special for all three of them, not just because it was their first Christmas together but because it was Matt and Molly's first Christmas in New York. At Molly's insistence they went to the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas tree and a week later went ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Well, to be more accurate Matt and Molly skated; Mohinder sat on the sidelines and pretended to keep track of how many times Matt fell versus how many times Molly fell. On Christmas Day Matt and Mohinder treated Molly to a carriage ride in Central Park after opening presents.

On the whole NYC is grayer and noisier than Los Angeles. But it's where her family is. So while Molly herself may be in India, her heart remains in New York.

Muse: Molly Walker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 205
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07. What goes around comes around right? (right) // How you treat people is how they treat you back
(1200 Techniques – ‘Karma’)

She came home from school one day, giggling about a new boy at school and how some of the other kids had been making fun of him. Her mom had said it wasn't nice and told Molly about the 'Golden Rule' and how she should treat people the way she would like to be treated.

When she and Matt moved in with Mohinder, the scientist taught her about the concept of something called "karma". The more good things you did, he explained, then the more good things happened to you. But if you did bad things then bad things started to happen.

Sometimes she wonders if she did something really, really bad to attract the attention of people like Sylar and Maury Parkman.

Muse: Molly Walker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 123
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09. You hear the door slam and realize there’s nowhere left to run // You feel the cold hand and wonder if you’ll ever see the sun
(Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller’)

Molly remembers the day the boogeyman came to her house.

It started out like a normal day. The three of them were sitting down to dinner; minestrone for Mom and Daddy and tomato soup with Goldfish crackers for Molly. One minute Daddy was talking about work, raising his spoon to his mouth.

Then the next the front door had blasted open and Daddy was frozen in place - literally frozen, with icicles hanging off of him.

Mom shouted at Molly to run, to hide. She ducked into the cubby room under the stairs, tried to pretend like she was Harry Potter waiting for Hagrid to come get her for her first year at Hogwarts. It wasn't enough to keep Molly from 'seeing' what the boogeyman was doing to Mom, until she couldn't 'see' her anymore.

Then she 'saw' the boogeyman in her house, cutting off the top of Daddy's head, taking out his- Molly squinched her eyes shut; she didn't want to 'see' anymore. She heard footsteps, heard the boogeyman calling for her to come out and not be scared. After a long time his left the house, and everything was quiet.

Molly was alone. Just her, in her Harry Potter cupboard. Mom and Daddy outside, dead.

She stayed that way until her Hero found her.

Muse: Molly Walker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 216
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1. Molly tried to hide from the Boogeyman, but he was too fast. He moved his hand, and suddenly she couldn't move. The last thing Molly remembers is a sharp pain in her head and feeling something wet trickling down her face.

Let's Play the What-If Game )
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1. James Walker. It was her father that first told Molly that her ability to find people was special and that it made her special. It was also her father who taught Molly to keep her special power a secret, so that bad people wouldn't use it for their own gains.

2. Grandma Walker. She was the one who bought Molly her first box of crayons and her first coloring book when she was four.

3. Officer Matt Parkman. Because he's her hero.

4. Dr. Mohinder Suresh. He's not quite her hero the way Officer Parkman is. But he did save her life and give her back her powers by giving her his blood. And he protected her when Mr. Bennett wanted to kill her because of her powers.

5. Sylar/The Boogeyman. He took her family away.

6. Luke Cormier. An old classmate of Molly's from California, he was the first person Molly ever used her powers on. She used her ability to beat the pants off of him in hide and seek.

7. Micah Saunders. Micah was the first person Molly's age that she had met who was special like she was. When he made the elevator go just by touching the wall with his hand, Molly didn't feel so much like a "freak" anymore.

8. Chloe. Chloe worked somewhere on the same floor of the Company building that Molly's room was on. Chloe made Molly's stay in the building a little more bearable: she took her out shopping for clothes since she had none in New York, and she smuggled in books for Molly to read when coloring got too boring.

9. Mr. Thompson. If it hadn't been for him, Molly would still be in L.A. probably in a foster home.

10. Her mom. Because Molly will always love her mom.
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Canon: Wherein the mun tries to follow series canon as closely as possible. She makes no promises, though.

Heroes in Madras: Set during Season 3, mainly during Volume 4: Fugitives; begun as a way to give Molly something to do in India rather than twiddle her thumbs and wait for Mohinder to come for her. Introduces the mun's Heroes OC, Swati Rangarajan. Seems to be incorporating itself into the whole "Rebel" plotline.

CSI!Molly: Begins after season 1, completely disregards seasons 2 and 3 and plops Molly in the universe of CSI: New York. Matt adopts Molly by himself, joins the NYPD and four months afterward makes detective. He gets partnered to Don Flack, and Molly starts making friends around the crime lab.
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